Re: how to use the GoGraphWidget

Le vendredi 14 avril 2017 à 09:18 +0000, PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel a
écrit :
There are sample codes in the goffice source tree:


So now I can plot  an XY curve

I would like to give my users the possibility to modify the graph
like in gnumeric via the graphical interface.
Select the color of the graph, change the title, etc...

what is the appropriate way to do this goffice.

Is there a propriety in order to avec an inter-active widget instead
of a static view like I have now.

Yes, you can use the GogGuru which is also used in gnumeric. You'll
need to derive your own GogDataAllocator (which provide the widget used
to select the data which, in your case might be a label or a list of
available data). I wrote a demonstrator several years ago, you can find
the code in:
(look at GChemTableCurve::OnProperties ())

The allocator code is in


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