Considering taking on Windows port

(NOTE: First paragraph is just background to demonstrate my motivation for the real purpose of this post.)  I currently use Gnumeric for numerous home projects, and have many spreadsheets with a significant amount of time spent building up the formulas, formatting and interlinking with other programs.  I use it on both Linux and Windows, but Windows more due to my CAD software.  

I'm a sometimes coder, and I'm considering taking on the effort to port Gnumeric to Windows (again - since it's been done before).  I've made some progress with the code using MINGW as my compiling platform, but have a list of items I need to resolve yet to get it to work with the MINGW and other libraries (well - a LOT of things, as you'd imagine).  I don't expect the current set of developers to take this on themselves, you've made it clear you don't have the time or interest.

However, would you (the current developers) be willing to share your insight into the specific difficulties you ran into?  I'm guessing the more basic difficulties have been seen before and you had some workaround / kludges / elegant code solutions that will take me a lot of time to reinvent.


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