You get a black screen in your browser?  When you try to run Gnumeric?  
What operating system are you using?  (Last I heard Gnumeric no longer
supported Windows.)  If you are running a command line utility in
Windows you SHOULD get a possibly black terminal window. 

Generally conversions are only partial.  I have been running 1-2-3 and
its clones for many years.  These days I run Version 5 in DOSBOX in
Windows 3.1 on Debian 8 Linux.  There are claims of some versions
running in Crossover Office, and so perhaps WINE.  It might actually be
easier to run 1-2-3 than to convert a lot of files and fix everything
that does not convert. 

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I have been using Lotus 1-2-3 for the past 30 years but now it won't run on my new laptop.

I heard about your conversion and tried to download it but all I get is a black screen.

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,

Malley Dunn
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