Gnumeric on Mac OS X


I succeeded in packaging Gnumeric as a Mac OS X native application.
It has been built upon MacPorts libraries. I compile it inside the /tmp exotic path, allowing me to make the executable running from any location. I rewrote totally the shell script launching the application.
It works roughly well and it has support for Pure and databases (Berkeley DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLCipher, SQLite, Web). It has Mac OS X native help support, but it is lacking of a native Mac OS X integration, such as global menus and shortcuts keys.
I am working thoroughly on it because it is a fast and powerful spreadsheet with great features all inside a simple GUI.
Despite those imperfections, I am certain some will be interested by it.
If you're interested in trying it out, or to improve it, the package can be downloaded there: 


Gnumeric 1.12.31 - About

Gnumeric 1.12.31 - Spreadsheet and chart

Gnumeric 1.12.31 - Databases support with GDA (Berkeley DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLCipher, SQLite, Web)

Gnumeric 1.12.31 - GDA's configuration window (Gnome Database Access)

Gnumeric 1.12.31 - Native Mac OS X Help integration

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