Re: How can I modify the initial sheet of a workbook?

The notion of current sheet is a property of the workbook view, not
really of the workbook.  Most spreadsheet formats store it somewhere
in the file.

To select a new sheet, you need to call wb_view_sheet_focus.

To change for all workbook views, use the WORKBOOK_FOREACH_VIEW


On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Wallance Lee <halyx 126 com> wrote:
Hi, everyone!
I am very new to here.Now I have a project and the one sub one in it is to
open the specific index of sheet in a workbook.
I just want to add a parameter to boot gnumeric software from command line.
I have read some of your code(use gdb for track) and have really found some
useful information.But I cannot find the code to realize the initial
code.Could you give me some help?
I find the current_sheet field in Workbook_View structure. And I can find
the q->opcode for controlling of operation of the read procedure of reading
the workbook.I also find the BIFF_BOUNDSHEET, but is it to read the specific
index of sheet?
Thank you!

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