Re: Gnumeric in Mac OSX Yosemite

On 9/30/15 6:06 AM, Sayantani Chatterjee wrote:
I am recently using Mac OS, before it I was using Windows. So it's little
difficult for me to install gnumeric. Can any one help me, how can I
install gnumeric in Mac?
Thank you in advance.


Glad you are finding gnumeric cool; welcome to Mac OS X!

Unfortunately, there is no stand-alone binary of gnumeric for os x. There are very few GNOME apps that run that way on os x. Gedit recently fought through all the issues to obtain a native build but few other apps have gotten there.

One way to run gnumeric on mac is using the 'Homebrew' system. Volunteers write and maintain 'recipes' that allow various unix programs to compile themselves (by default into /usr/local/) along with all their dependencies. After you install homebrew (see the website, I do not remember what I did), you can do:

brew install gnumeric

then, later,

brew update  <- gets the new recipes
brew upgrade <- builds the newest version of everything

which will allow you to run gnumeric by opening a terminal and running the command:

gnumeric &

I also somehow got a gnumeric icon into my dock that launches the terminal and the command automatically.

Remember to switch to using 'Ctrl-*' rather than 'Command-*' for all the common operations like cut, copy, paste.

good luck,

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