Re: Python headers for pygobject 3/Gnumeric 1.12.25

Good afternoon.

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 09:59:30AM +0100, Jean Brefort wrote:
I suppose you need python-dev. Note that gnumeric does not support
Python-3 for now.

And that would be it. After some attempts to provide needed
dependencies, a simply missing Python-3 support is the best hint of all,
for now.

I may opt for a parallel installation of two Gnumeric versions. 
More background: I am a fierce adept of the SoftMaker Office-Suite
(non-free, commercial, closed source and all.., but some attributes that
you have to experience, see, hear and do yourself to understand).

Automation/scripting is available only in their Windows-release and only
by means of OLE and yet another Basic-variant. Gnumeric has other
advantages, too; that is why I am completely “undecided” as to which
program to use. 

If Python worked or if any other scripting-language (I mean Ruby) could
be used to automate any spreadsheets that are *not* Excel, all were
clear. For the time, neither the spreadsheet-programs nor the scripting
interfaces provided for different languages satisfy me.

Just go ahead with the plugin-interface and it will be great. ;-)



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