Re: How to save advanced-filter settings

Le dimanche 12 avril 2015 à 19:30 -0400, Bob a écrit :
In gnumeric it should be easier;-) (I actually can't figure out how to
do it in gnumeric but I think you have to chose a lot of things
Minitab and R will chose automatically [while still allowing you to
override anything] What I would like is to highlight the (unbinned)
data and select "histogram" from the graph menu and immediately see a

We are not that far away from this:

1) highlight the unbinned data
2) select Statistics->DescriptiveStatistics->FrequencyTables->Histogram
3) On the 'cut-off' tab select "calculated cutoffs" and enter the number of bins desired.
4) On the "Graphs and Options" tabs select the type of graph
5) Click on okay.

I guess we could change some of the preselected items so that (3) and (4) are not necessary.


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