Re: How to save advanced-filter settings

I have been lurking here for months and not saying much.  My main
observation is that the most common question amounts to, "Why can't
gnumeric do what R does?"  And I think the answer is, "Because it is a
spreadsheet, not a stats. package."  To me the point of a spreadsheet
is to select a small number of things people commonly want to do and
put them in menus.  To do highly specialized, application-specific
things normally requires coding to fit.  To put all such in options
and menus would require the menu system be nearly infinite, and hence
no longer "easy".  (Of course each individual only wants to add THEIR
favorite, but these add up.)  So my preference is that gnumeric just
try to be the best spreadsheet, and not all things to all people, and
not a stats. package disguised as a spreadsheet.  

Here is an example of a kind of thing I do think would be useful in
gnumeric.  In Minitab, if I want a histogram of my data I type

histogram 'data'

In R it's


In gnumeric it should be easier;-) (I actually can't figure out how to
do it in gnumeric but I think you have to chose a lot of things
Minitab and R will chose automatically [while still allowing you to
override anything] What I would like is to highlight the (unbinned)
data and select "histogram" from the graph menu and immediately see a

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There's currently no way of automating that.


On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 9:06 AM, BARE Willy sprl
<barewillysprl scarlet be> wrote:
Here using gnumeric-1.10.17 and applying always the same advanced-filter
settings in a repetitive way for a given application.
so, each time i'm using that apps, i have to:
1. open the specific myapps.gnumeric file which has two sheets named datas
and output;
2. select Datas/Filter/Adanced-filter, and fill the input fields with
dat for the datas input;
crit for the criteria definition.
and the output thumbnail filling the input field with
+ there the output format has the column-automatic-adjust and
delete-output-range checkbox checked.
the "datas" sheet has 2 ranges named:
dat containing datas such as dates, adresses, price calculation;
crit which is the criteria the filter has to apply.
so i'm wondering which could be a way to
- save those settings somewhere (thereis no save option);
- or edit some advanced-filter.ui to have those settings "memorized";
- or even write a macro (using the Python scripting possibilities)
- or having an object button starting a kind of keys strokes sequence
replaying the above #2 sequence (*) when toggled as TRUE
(*) Alt-D/F/F
Thanks for any answer
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