Re: Protecting Cells from accidental change


Looks like the documentation is outdated on this point. Cell protection
does work. If you try to edit a protected cell (inside a protected sheet
only), a message pops up telling you you can't and the edition just does
not work. This option is available in Format/Cells/Format, Protection


Le vendredi 12 septembre 2014 à 20:16 -0500, Pete Tition a écrit :
Hi Steve, This will probably NOT help you, but FWIW;(You probably know
this already)
From the Help contents(in Windows version):
================Start Quote ==================
This tab allows you to see and change cell protection in imported
Excel workbooks. Cell protection has no effect in Gnumeric: you can
edit cells whether or not they are marked as protected. However,
Gnumeric keeps the protection setting of imported Excel workbooks. If
you later save your workbook in Excel format, Gnumeric will save the
protection information too. For more information about cell protection
in Excel, please refer to Excel documentation. 
======================= end quote =================
Pete T

Steve Greig wrote:


I have just accidentally changed the values in some cells. It is OK
because I noticed it and have back ups but I am concerned that I
might make accidental changes to the spreadsheet and not notice.

My question is what is the best way for me to make certain cells
less subject to accidental changes in future? It looks like gnumeric
does not have a cell protection function but I was wondering if some
validation might be applied which would make the cell(s) protected.
The protection would need to allow the results of formulae in the
cells to change but not the formulae themselves.

Would it be possible for every cell I have entered something into to
then automatically be weakly protected ie. if the value is changed a
pop up could say 'do you really want to change the value of this

Best wishes from Steve

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