Re: gnumeric-plugin-extra / python / could not import gobject


This is quite strange since the python initialization code in gnumeric
first imports "pygtk" and then "gobject". Seems that the first import
succeeds but not the second. Do you have more than one Python2.7
instances on your system? Gnumeric might pick the wrong one.


Le dimanche 05 janvier 2014 à 15:56 +0100, barewillysprl euphonynet be a
écrit :
here using a debian wheezy (i.e. PuppyLinux wheezy- with python2.7;
i have python installed which loads OK the gobject module;

trying to get the python console on Gnumeric-1.10.7
(gnumeric-plugins-extra_1.10.17-1.1_i386.deb installed), although python
console, plugins and functions are well listed into the tools and
insert/functions popup menus, i get «could not import gobject».

I got a try doing symlinks to /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages and/or
/usr/lib/python2.7/sites-packages; as also googled around without fonding
any fix; i believe it is something trivial.

Any idea would be welcome.
Thanks in advance
Attached: screenshot showing the empty gtk window displayed when selecting
Menu/Tools/Python console.


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