Re: Editing auto-generated statistic cells

Thanks for the quick reply Oliver and Andreas.

On 14/02/14 23:10, Oliver Burnett-Hall wrote:
It's an array formula. Once you've finished editing it you need to hit
Ctrl+Shift+Return. At that point Gnumeric will add in the squiggly and
square brackets to the formula. - olly 
Ah thanks. I had a look at the help page, and in the Working with Data >
The Types of Cell Elements, it didn't mention array formulae at all.

On 15/02/14 03:52, Andreas J Guelzow wrote:
I cannot imagine that performing 30 separate tests is the appropriate
way to go, but you will now the circumstances better.
A whole lot of marginally-related experiments. I could probably use
multiple anova at some level, but at this stage separate Student's
T-tests seems simpler.

It seems to me that correctly adjusting the formulae, copying them and
then verifying them will take longer than just create them form scratch,
especially since the tool allows you to perform several tests at once by
selecting all data and grouping cells into separate data sets by column
or by row or by area.

I can't see any need to copy paste those formulas.
Ah, thanks. That option passed me by. Indeed performing several tests at
once is probably a simpler way to do this.

Thanks all again.


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