Editing auto-generated statistic cells


I'm attempting to do some repetitive statistics on some data. I'm not
sure if it's important, but I'm using the menu item at Statistics > One
Sample Tests > Claims About a Mean.

I'm planning on testing about 30 sets of data, and thought it would be
quickest to copy-paste the statistical formulae into new positions.
Hence, I attempted to make all the references relative, by removing the
$ (e.g. $B$2 ---> B2). However, I can't seem to modify all the cells
properly. e.g. for the formula for Observed Variance


If I click the cell, the formula changes immediately to the part within
{}. i.e.


I can leave the formula unchanged, or remove the $, but either way I get
an error of #DIV/0! I've also tried to manually enter the whole formula,
i.e. including the {} and the subsequent code, but gnumeric thinks this
is plain text.

Is it possible to modify all auto-generated statistic cells so that they
can target different data?


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