Re: Discontinuing Windows Builds

While I certainly understand the difficulty, and I understand the desire not to release software that crashes, it's a shame that all the old versions seem to have been removed from the Web site. Gnumeric is my preferred spreadsheet on both Windows and Linux. I rely on Gnumeric for part of my work flow, since it does some things correctly that Excel does not. One other advantage I have experienced is that most bugs I reported are fixed incredibly fast -- sometimes within 2 hours. It's hard to imagine getting that from any other spreadsheet. I'm sure there must be other satisfied users besides myself.

I assume there must be a point at which the insurmountable difficulties started. I can assure you that version 1.10.9 runs perfectly on Windows XP, and I think 1.10.16 and 1.12.12 do as well. (1.12.12 failed to initialize on one old computer, but I haven't tried to troubleshoot it.) Do the problems extend to all Windows versions? If not, I have to wonder if the decision to remove the working(?) versions from the Web site might have been a bit rash. At least some of those versions seem to be excellent software, which is unfortunately no longer available.

Rex Couture

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