Re: change gnumeric interface language for Windows 7 64 bit

El dj 24 de 07 de 2014 a les 12:20 +0200, en/na F. Thomas va escriure:

I work in a French environment with Windows 7 (64 bit) but want to use 
the English-language interface.

The manual says

It is also possible to run Gnumeric using the language and locale 
settings for a different place. This should be possible simply by 
redefining the *|LC_ALL|* environmental variable. For example, using the 
bash shell it should be possible, within a terminal, type:

LC_ALL=fr_FR gnumeric &

Where do I find a/ a bash shell, and b/ the file with the LC_ALL environmental variable.

To be precise: I don't intend to change the language of the operating system, only the language of the 
Gnumeric menus.

Even if you can have bash running on Windows, it would be more strait to
create a .bat file:
Open notepad, write te following and save as gnumeric.bat
set LC_ALL=en

Hope this helps

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