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Hi Jakob

Short answer: no, it is not possible.

Anyway, this seems an interesting idea although it might be confusing in
some cases. You might have only one Y-axis and several X-axes, and you
might have several series for just one axis. We might imagine to have
the option to add a legent to an axis and choose which legend to use for
each series. The issue is that it would break the API, so this can't be
implemented before we branch. Please file a feature request at, product libgoffice.

Best regards,

Le samedi 19 juillet 2014 à 17:44 +0200, "Jakob Michael Müller" a
écrit :
Hi everybody,
I would like to know if it is possible in gnumeric to attach the
symbol coding of a line in a graph (legend) directly to the axis on
which it is displayed? This would be a very useful feature for graphs
with multiple lines and axis, which tend to be confusing with a legend
of all the lines below or somewhere in the graph. To illustrate the
question, I've attached two pictures: One with the standard setting of
gnumeric (graph standard) and one with the feature that I'm looking
for (graph mod).
Best regards
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