Use of Libspreadsheet from outside of Gnumeric

Is there a way in which I can use the internally generated library of Gnumeric, ie. Libspreadsheet, from my own app to parse excel sheets?
How do I get the headers for development? Its not available when I do "apt-get install gnumeric" on my Ubuntu 12.04. I only get the Gnumeric Application and the libspreadsheet Shared Library installed on my PC, not the library header files which are essential for development and linking.
If my app were to use the libspreadsheet APIs, and the app goes on to be used on other PCs, what do the users need to do if they want to install and run my application by compiling it from source, to resolve libspreadsheet dependencies?

After going through this month's Gnumeric Mailing List,  the process of usage, compilation and linkage wrt libspreadsheet with my own appolication is not yet very clear to me.
I was hoping to have some light shredded on it.

Thanks & Regards,

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