Re: Gnumeric 1.12 released

Wed, 18 Sep 2013, Allin Cottrell:

why 1.12.0, btw?  If you're compiling yourself, you might as well grab the
latest 1.12.x which currenly is 1.12.7.

Too much package requirements not met in openSUSE-12.3:
libgoffice-0.10 >= 0.10.3
libgsf-1        >= 1.14.24
libxml-2.0      >= 2.4.12
gtk+-3.0        >= 3.2.0

All these packages are installed, however version numbers a too low.

That's actually hard to believe -- apart from the libgoffice version, which keeps in step with gnumeric and which you'd want to build yourself if you're building gnumeric, and perhaps libgsf, which falls in more or less the same category.

libxml-2.0 version 2.4.12 and gtk+-3.0 version 3.2.0 are both truly ancient and openSUSE 12.3 was released in March of this year.

Repositories enabled:

libgoffice-0.10 >= 0.10.3
libgsf-1        >= 1.14.24
libxml-2.0      >= 2.4.12
gtk+-3.0        >= 3.2.0

libgoffice-0.10 installed 0.10.0-2.1.1, available 0.10.0-2.1.1
libgsf-1 installed 1.14.25-2.1.1, available 1.14.25-2.1.1
libxml-2.0 installed 2.9.90-2.17.1, available 2.9.0-2.17.1
gtk3 staff installed are 3.6.4-2.1.1,

The output of
./configure --prefix=/usr, ver. 1.12.7:

checking for LIBSPREADSHEET... no
configure: error: Package requirements (
        libgoffice-0.10 >= 0.10.3
        libgsf-1                >= 1.14.24
        libxml-2.0              >= 2.4.12
        gtk+-3.0                >= 3.2.0
) were not met:

Requested 'libgoffice-0.10 >= 0.10.3' but version of libGOffice is 0.10.0

# which pkg-config

Obviously the configure stopped after the first missing package and just reported other dependencies required. I am sorry, I misunderstood the configure output.

If I compile 1.12.0 without perl and python then closing windows is faster but still slow. Maybe faster because I just opened and closed several windows of a single sheet, no changes in sheets.

I always wonder why new GUIs of applications waste so much screen space for decorations, icons, toolbars. I work on a 22" monitor in 1680x1050 mode and 2048x1536 virtual screen - I need the screen space for my data. I looked around in *.h files but couldn't find where are defined the toolbar height and default cell dimensions. I close all toolbars but creating a new sheet the first thing is to modify cell size in order to decrease the wasted space on my screen. If I open 10-15-20 separate windows, large decorations and empty space of windows (large icons, semi-empty toolbars and status-bar, large semi-empty cells) leave no space for my data - I have to move around on my sheets using scrollbars.


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