Re: Certain Help menu items (weblinks and IRC) do not work on OS X, or on Linux...

These are simple calls to gtk_show_uri(). So a Gtk+ issue. Every program
using this should show the same behavior.


Le dimanche 15 septembre 2013 à 18:23 -0700, Christian Herbig a écrit :
I am experiencing an issue where the Help menu items, “/menubar/Help/HelpWeb”, “/menubar/Help/HelpIRC”, and 
“/menubar/Help/HelpBug”, give an error message popup.  On Linux this can be solved by installing Midori (or 
other browser), however on OS X, it seems that it should activate whatever browser is installed there.  Is 
there a setting that needs to be passed to Gnumeric, or is there a setting in one of the .config 
directories or such to solve this problem?

Please advise.
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