Printing Problems with 1.12.3


It seems that printing doesn't work properly from 1.12.3?

I have a very simple invoice to print: 

Column A is blank, B-N contain data.

Row 1 is blank, line 2-9 contain data.

Page Setup shows:

Paper US Letter

Center on page horizontally and vertically are checked

Landscape is checked.

I am only printing one sheet, and I have the "apply to" that sheet

Clicking on "Print" prints a landscape version, with it centered
vertically, but with the first 4.5 or so columns (A-part of D) cut
off, right at the left edge of the paper.

Another symptom is that the printer (an HP Laserjet) reports
"Unexpected paper size", which makes me think Gnumeric is sending an
A4 size, even though I have U.S. Letter selected.

This is bad for me, so any help would be most appreciated.

sdb ssr com

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