Re: please add multiple image inserting function.

Hi Ryoji

A few comments about your ideas:

1. I would not personally change the default settings, but may be we
might have configuration keys for row height, column width and vertical
2. Preserving aspect ration is a good idea. I would place the check box
under the width and height widgets, but this is minor.
3. About the multiple image idea, I think it would be better to
implement a new image gallery sheet object, or a way to permanently
group sheet objects. Even after resizing, we should always save the
original image in its original format. This is actually the default in

Please file appropriate enhancement requests against gnumeric at

Best regards,

Le dimanche 05 mai 2013 à 03:26 +0900, RYOJI KODAKARI a écrit :
Hello. I'm Ryoji.

I want to complete this type of book. ( the contents is ofcourse
nonsense )


to do so, I'd like to ask gnumeric developing team modifying 2
settings, 1 dialog and coding multiple image inserting function.

please think about adopting following changes.


        set row height=13.50pts column width=54.00pts as default

        set vertical align = center as default [[mstyle.c.diff]]


        add keeping aspect ratio radio-button to resize object
function. [[kratiob.png]] [[sheetobject-size.ui.diff]]

drag and drop inserting multiple images:
[[drug-drop-insertpictures.jpg]] [[sheet-control-gui.c.diff]]

        *resized images saved as png in gnumeric-file. I'd rather
prefer save as jpeg.

---- is of coding base.

custom puppy-linux-5.5-iso which installed modified gnumeric has
prepared for try.

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