please add multiple image inserting function.

Hello. I'm Ryoji.

I want to complete this type of book. ( the contents is ofcourse nonsense )

to do so, I'd like to ask gnumeric developing team modifying 2 settings, 1 dialog and coding multiple image inserting function.
please think about adopting following changes.

        set row height=13.50pts column width=54.00pts as default [[sheet.c.diff]]
        set vertical align = center as default [[mstyle.c.diff]]
        add keeping aspect ratio radio-button to resize object function. [[kratiob.png]] [[sheetobject-size.ui.diff]] [[dialog-sheetobject-size.c.diff]]

drag and drop inserting multiple images: [[drug-drop-insertpictures.jpg]] [[sheet-control-gui.c.diff]]
        *resized images saved as png in gnumeric-file. I'd rather prefer save as jpeg.

---- is of coding base.

custom puppy-linux-5.5-iso which installed modified gnumeric has prepared for try.

Attachment: mstyle.c.diff
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Attachment: sheet.c.diff
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Attachment: sheet-control-gui.c.diff
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Attachment: sheetobject-size.ui.diff
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Attachment: kratiob.png
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Attachment: dialog-sheetobject-size.c.diff
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Attachment: drug-drop-insertpictures.jpg
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