Re: Linear Trend Line not displaying anything (That Jack Elliott)

On Mon, 2013-01-14 at 18:01 -0800, That Jack Elliott wrote:
This might be a bonehead problem. I have a line chart displaying a column of
data -- numbers between 170 and 190. If I doubleclick the chart and add an
Exponentially Smoothed Curve to Series1, it plots on the chart. Same for a
Moving Average trend line. But I'd like to do a Polynomial trend line, and
can't figure out how to make it display. It looks like it wants more
information, like "low bound" and "high bound." I can't find any information
on what to enter into those field and I've Googled all over the darn place.
You should not need to specify the low and high bound. You only need a
reasonable "order". If you have n data points the order should be at
most n-1. Otherwise there is no curve to plot.

Thank you, where do I specify the order? For example, for trend line type Logarithmic -- one of the trend line types that does not plot a curve -- I see "Title," and the aforementioned High and Low Bound fields available for data entry.

I think this will go out as plain text. Do we bottom-post on this list?

That Jack Elliott

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