Re: Gnome-Python for Gnumeric 1.12

Hi Jean,

On 19.02.2013 20:33, Jean Bréfort wrote:
Can you tell us which are the messages concerning Python in the
configure script output? You need pygobject-3.0.

It appears that, after downloading and installing a bunch of libraries
for Gnummeric, I have overlooked the result. *You hit the point*.

Currently *I try* to get my copy of a gobject-introspection
source-package as the one provided on my system is not accepted by the
pygobject configure-script.

I cannot yet report success, but will in one of my following messages.
My Internet-connection is currently very slow.

*However, Suggestion*:
If you want to keep the compilation of plugin-loaders an option to the
Gnummeric configure-script, either let the configure-script bail out in
case of a missing library or (better) exclude the plugin-loader from
being configured by default, i.e. change the option to
 --with-python        *Do* build the Python plugin loader

Because the current solution "Do everything and do not fail if it ...
well... fails" isn't really ergonomic to the blind moles like me. ;-)

Thanks anyway,



Le mardi 19 février 2013 à 09:30 +0100, bat guano don blech e4ward com a
écrit :
I am sorry,

my previous messages had accidentally been addressed directly to Morten.
That had not been my intention. I resume, that the source-package 1.12
appears to contain the python-loader source-code, but there is nothing
found in the plugins-directory, after compilation/installation.

A corrected version of my last attempt to clarify:

I have looked at the source-package that I used to compile
Gnumeric 1.12, and the python-loader source-code is included in the


In the options to "configure" I read
--without-python        Do not build the Python plugin loader

But as I *want* the python-loader, I *did not use* this option but the
python-loader is definitely not present in the current plugin-directory
for Gnumeric 1.12 (after installation):
michael drusus:/usr/local/lib/gnumeric/1.12.0/plugins$ ls
applix                  fn-complex      fn-erlang       fn-lookup     fn-stat    lotus
openoffice           sylk
dif             fn-database     fn-financial    fn-math       fn-string  lpsolve
plan_perfect uihello
excel                   fn-date         fn-hebrew-date  fn-numtheory  fn-tsa     mps
   qpro              xbase
excelplugins    fn-derivatives  fn-info         fn-r          glpk       nlsolve
fn-christian-date  fn-eng       fn-logical      fn-random     html       oleo     sc




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