Re: .xslx files and the million plus row problem

chris dunn-5 wrote:

As has been noted in many random places the .xslx sheets contain over a
million rows as a matter of course. 

Is a spreadsheet supposed to be able to handle a million rows? I thought
there was a limit of 655xx on each sheet. So to handle the data you would
need something like 15-16 sheets and counting. Cut and past and handling all
the sheets *ugh*.

I'm not to fluent in the workings of gnumeric but as I understand it the
data may reside in a database and be pulled from there? 

Depending on the task at hand would it be advisable to consider another tool
to process or preprocess your data? Something like R
( or maybe even awk?

I think I saw someone mentioning that the gnumeric file format is xml based,
so you should be able to create a gnumeric file with awk or your favorite
data processing language and gzip. Take a look at

Just a few thoughts.

Best regards

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