.xslx files and the million plus row problem

As a regular routine I have to import .xslx spreadsheets into gnumeric
for my use.

As has been noted in many random places the .xslx sheets contain over a
million rows as a matter of course. This makes the gnumeric sheets
which import all the excel rows, slow and painful to access and work

It seems this is likely a problem with Excel, which retains all of
these rows, even though they may be empty.

The only solution I've found is to copy the contents of the large
gnumeric sheet to a new gnumeric sheet and to save the new sheet for
working purposes. This can be painful too, as it requires copying each
tab of the large sheet into the new sheet. Many tabs mean lots of

Has anyone found an alternative method of ditching these unwanted rows
without the tab by tab copying procedure?

Is there any work being done by the gnumeric developers to overcome the


Chris Dunn

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