Re: Cannot create exponential trend line

You can't have both positive and negative values as y variable. It
should work if you exchange x and y in your data.

Hope this helps,

Le vendredi 01 février 2013 à 19:06 -0800, MrProsser a écrit :
I have a small dataset that I am trying to fit with a natural exponential
trend line in gnumeric.

The data set is:

y1: 1.948 x1: 2.303

y2: 1.197 x2: 2.996

y3: 0.367 x3: 3.912

y4: 0.109 x4: 4.605

y5: -0.019 x5: 5.298

y6: -0.072 x6: 6.215

I want to fit it with a curve of the form: y=a*e^(b*x)

When I tried to fit this with an exponential in gnumeric I was not able to
get it to create any trend line. It would not display anything.

I calculated the a and b parameters myself and plotted it in another
application and it looked reasonable, but for some reason I cannot get
gnumeric to generate this automatically.

Does anyone have any idea why it won't work?

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