Absolute cell references how (not) to

Just a question of functionality that sometimes annoys and I can't see
the solution.

When I start a new spreadsheet and enter into cells references to other
cells, the references to the other cells are always relative
references. This according to the Manual is the default behaviour.

If I then introduce an absolute cell reference ($?$?) into a cell entry
then all is well.

My difficulties start as I continue to work in the spreadsheet, and
find that absolute cell references now (sometimes but not always)
become the default. A cell reference inserted into a new cell may
become either a relative reference, which I would expect, or sometimes
an absolute reference, not by my choice. 

I can see no pattern to the creation of these absolute references. Am I
missing something?

It becomes a nuisance having to continually change the unwanted
absolute references that have been created back into relative
references by removing the $ characters.

Assistance would be welcome.

Chris Dunn

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