Row import by key value column


I would really like to have a certain functionallity in Gnumeric so i can
ditch some specialized software at work and only work i gnumeric, wich i
have found to be great.

Here is what i need:

First, i have a sheet with a column of comma separated key values like this:

A                                    B        C
AAA123,AAB123,ABB123     100    200

Now i want to break out the key values together with the following data into
rows like this:
A                B       C
AAA123      100    200
AAB123      100    200
ABB123      100    200

Secondly, I have 2 sheets with diffrent data, but they have one column with
key values in common. Like this:

Target sheet:
A              B
ABC 123    My name
CBA 321    your name
AAA 121    some name

Source sheet:
A              B         C
AAA 121    red      SAAB
ABC 321    blue     Volvo
CBA 321    black    Porche

Now I scan through the key values in the target sheet, look up each in the
source sheet, and append the data in the corresponding row from the source
sheet to the target sheet.

Result in target sheet:
A              B              C        D
ABC 123    My name    blue    Volvo:
CBA 321    you name   black   Porche
AAA 121    some name red     SAAB

Is this possible to solve with the existing functionality or any existing
plugin? Any hint would be great.

Thanks / Daniel
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