problem with gnumeric -> LaTeX

Dear People!
Hopefully i'm at the right place with the request for some help. if not, sorry, please tell me where to post 
my problem!

I have the following problem: I wrote a table in gumeric, saved it as *.tex for including it to my LaTeX file.

Some maybe helpful informations: i use a mac with OSX 10.6, TexShop, and

in my header i used:


and included it with:

        \caption{Work functions of different metals, taken from\cite{lutz}}

        I can see the table properly,


        after the table, the whole text (in my .pdf) is written over the rest of the page (where the footer 
is supposed to be, but no text) and vanishes somewhere in nirvana, the following pages disappear...
        if i use
        the table is posted in the end, but the text behaves the same way from that point on where the \input 
code stands...

Could somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong??


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