gnumeric man ssconvert : how execute ?

I am interested in converting Quattro pro files to open office-calc format. The Gnumeric manual suggests "using" 'man ssconvert '  to read the detailed instructions for the conversion. 
Exactly how do I do this ? do I have to start Gnumeric first ?
Question 2 : Elsewhere I read to the effect that the conversion uses a " Quattro Plugin".  How may I acquire this ? Also that python plays a role. I am not familiar with that nor its purpose within Gnumeric.
If I appear dense, please forgive. I have read the Gnumeric Manual; do have extensive experience using Quattro Pro ( spreadsheet) and written macros linking sheets. While I am amazed at the Mathematical and statistical capabilities of Gnumeric, my major interest at this time is being able to re-use the capabilities of the Quattro pro files I have.
What have I overlooked ?
Many thanks for your help and direction.

Have a Great Day !  Dick Bingham from DickBinFla gmail com

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