Re: Defining User Themes/Styles

Just forgot to say that the theme is not saved with the graph (it
should, but this is not implemented yet), so if you open the file on
another machine (or even with another account), the graphs will use the
default theme (hopefully).

Le jeudi 16 février 2012 à 18:12 +0100, Jean Brefort a écrit :
The backplane is added from the plot types descriptions. The easiest way
to not see it is to make it transparent using a theme. The documentation
is at

Your theme should look like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <name>My Theme</name>
  A theme based on the default with transparent backplane
 <GOStyle class="GogGrid"><!--actually this is the backplane-->
  <fill type="none"/>
  <outline dash="none"/>
 <GOStyle class="GogChart">
  <fill type="pattern">
   <pattern type="solid" back="white"/>
  <outline dash="none"/>

Next, you put that file named likeMyTheme.theme (the extension is
meaningful) in $HOME/.goffice/themes/and things should work if I did not
insert any typo above.

Note that you need to select the theme in the Graph properties, gnumeric
has no option for now to change the default chart theme (feel free to
file a bug report).

Hope this helps,

Le jeudi 16 février 2012 à 11:05 -0500, Joseph Bylund a écrit :
What I would like to do is change certain things about  the default
chart layout, i.e. no backpane fill, no chart outline... I see that
there is a theme tab in the graph guru which has a "forget user styles"
button, so perhaps I can define a user style and set that as the
default?  Or is there some way to change the defaults for other
graph/chart properties? Thanks,
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