Assistance to pass on Calc templates developed by me to friends/enemies/etc

Good day

I am me and I see funny side of things and others see it too.  "What
to do" and "How to do" and telling others are the main characteristics
of the human species! Mercifully, the other inhabitants of this planet
are spared these problematic issue and live happily. Take marketing
for example, the question that arises first is, "Who on earth markets
a free product?" The answer, "Gnumeric, and a number of others"

But why? If I am speaking to a potential target' and if he is not
getting off at the next train station, bus station, etc. or until he
does, I can go on and on... until my jaws tell my mind (and the poor
targets' brain tells his ears), "find a way to stop the guy" . And in
the silence that follows on site and continues on when I reach home
and continues on and on for a number of years, the question pops up
again and again, "Why do I use and free software?" The
answer for a number of years was, "It is free" and a number of weird
things like, "how do I make money?"

Point 1. It is not really free - what about down loads and internet
time and the hours and hours  and hours of figuring out what to do and
the sudden panics when the program informs so very casually, "Do you
want to recover your files?" - Huh? I have gone through  "What
happened!... Mommy!..." so many times. But then there was always this
friendly neighbourhood "HELP" websites run by volunteers sitting only
a few million miles away asking me to go through FAQs. But after all
that NOW, I realize, "Hey these guys have me a inventions that I rate
as next greatest by Mankind after the lever". The ancient inventor is
supposed to have said, "give me a lever and a place for it to rest, I
will move the Earth"! Today, anybody can say, "give me
like tools and parking space, I can shift global paradigms"  (me to me
"don't exaggerate". me to me, "look at this creation of mine - wow and

I have developed a few very useful and original templates in the
Education category in and  for Libre Office users too.
I and a number of Calc users think they are mind boggling. I would
very much like your assistance to pass it on to young users. It will
help them to bring out great potential within themselves and their
friends. In short, marketing a free product pays for itself - If you
cannot convert the pay into "money" you are short of creativity. The
target wants a hole in the wall, trying to sell your drill bits and
telling them it can do a better job is outdated (miserably). Rather, I
have done this chum and am I the IT.

What about you, you said you had a problem? Heh Heh!

kedarnath jonnalagadda

Imagine what the UN can do with analysis of their data like this with
ordinary Calc?

Zee File Management System with Calc

This is a "study example and do it yourself" template to manage files on your
computer. The example is for PDF files but with a little study and
practice, nothing can stop you to use it for files, folders, or even
system files of any type. A pre-requisite to use is learning and using
the freeware BulkFileChanger© from The
features of the Calc Interface system are (1) Safe Management of your
files. You are not using any of the operating system file management
resources (system overhead) to sort, filter, tag or navigate to your
directories and files!!! (2) Custom and specialized tagging of files
of any type. For example, if you are a lyricist you might want to tag
plain text, spreadsheet, PDF or even a C file with genre. This is
"genrally" considered irrelevant by the operating system (3)
Recording, analyzing and documenting the contents of
 your huge drives using the full power of Calc© for tables, charts and
graphs. This can be for yourself and your associates for team work (4)
Plannning, Monitoring and Control of your computer at your own pace
without operating system resources breathing down your neck. (5) Using
hyperlink feature of Calc© without actually having to bother about
paths, directory trees and stuff. (6) All this can lead you to the
overwhelming question of whether My Documents, My Pictures, Libraries,
etc. are really relevant when anybody can design their own file access
system with ordinary Calc© spreadsheets?

HappyLinked© Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary1899

This is goodbye to electronic glue and huge PDF files. This first time
implementation by kedarnath jonnalagadda will leave you wondering why
you had not done it years ago! First, you need to face the fact that
nobody can read two pages at the same time! Human beings are not
spiders! All of us know that our machines chug along with PDF
documents that have many pages. So, you can get faster computers or
better PDF file readers. OR split huge files into single page PDF
files. Are you are afraid of managing 1333 single page PDF files or
pictures or anything. Then, I am afraid you will not be able to manage
the zillion things you want to. But if you want a pundit like analysis
of Sanskrit, or comparitive linguistics of distant languages such Maya
of the south and meso Americas or Japanese, or Aborigine languages of
Australia. Or wanting to teach your  robot a language, you would want
to look up the world's most comprehensive Sanskrit English
dictionary. And that is Sir Monier
Williams - A Sanskrit English Dictionary published in1899. The1333
pages of the dictionary are kept as seperate files, PDF or pictures
doesn't matter. HappyLinks© are set up to interface and access these
in the spreadsheet program sitting idle in your computer. HappyLinks©
Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary Spreadsheet Interface happily
links 1333 single page PDF files of the dictionary in the ordinary
spreadsheet program sitting in your computer. You can use it for
whatever and be methodical and make notes in your study. Furthermore
you can now start scheming to send these on to mobile computing
devices etc. and dreaming to make the big bucks! You'll need
bookmarks, however, to land on the right place on the page! And that
will keep you busy until I finish including sounds in my PDF files
which is what the Sanskrit language for for that matter any language is about.
Heh! Heh!

You Localize Setup IME
You Localize Setup IME is a Calc template to translate Windows® Menus
to setup keyboard input in your own language script. In translating
items and making notes themselves, students, teachers and others
understand the process of setup quickly and thoroughly. Additionally
and very importantly they become familiar with English and global
terminology of rapidly advancing technology.

You Localize Localize is
a simple Calc template for users to translate menu item trees in their
own language themselves. This helps students, teachers and others to
start using OpenOffice Calc quickly, methodically and thoroughly.
Developments in OpenOffice and technology are proceeding very fast and
newer versions are being released frequently. In spite of enormous
efforts to translate and localize it is difficult to keep in pace with
developments. You Localize has only a portion of the Menu tree of
Calc, students can complete it is a learning project. There is no
reason why users cannot develop their own templates in Calc for other
components of OpenOffice or for that matter any other program.
Pictures of the menus in the picture are cut outs from screen capture
and rendered in high resolution using Gimp© available at

kedarnath jonnalagadda

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