Problem with updating cells

Problem with updating cells that are referenced in other sheets

Gnumeric version 1.10.16
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

I have two sheets in one Gnumeric workbook.  One sheet, "Numbers", contains a series of number

groups.  Each number group has six two-digit numbers.  Each two-digit number is in one cell. 

There is one number group on one row.  There are several hundred number groups, therefore, there

are several hundred rows. 

Each two-digit number in each number group of six numbers is in a column.  The first two-digit

number in a number group is in the first column.  The second two-digit number in a number group

is in the second column, etc.

The goal is to determine the frequency of instances of a particular number in a given column. 

For example, how often does the number 01 occur in the first column of numbers?  This answer is

then referenced to second sheet, "Numbers_Frequencies".

An example of the formula that is used for this action is as follows: 
"=COUNTIF('Numbers'!$B:$B, 01+'Numbers_Frequencies'!C6)".

The COUNTIF function for the above formula is to count the number of instances of the number 01

in column B on Sheet "Numbers" and reference it to cell C6 on Sheet "Numbers_Frequencies".

There are 326 variations of the above COUNTIF formula.  They calculate all of the instances of

all of the numbers in a given range of numbers for all of the number groups in one sheet, and

then reference them to a second sheet.

After entering all of the formulas, I was able to undate all of the instances of the given

numbers that were already in the Numbers Sheet to the appropriate reference cells in the

Numbers-Frequencies Sheet, but when I added a new row of numbers, the instances did not update

properly.  In fact, most, if not all, of the frequency values were changed, and incorrectly.  In

other words, I had a major screw up. 

Fortunately, I had a back up of the original workbook.  I attempted to update with a new row of

numbers again, but the same thing occurred.  So, I have a problem.  Gnumeric does not seem to do

what it is supposed to do.

What could be the problem?  Is there a bug in Gnumeric 1.10.16 that prevents the accurate

updating of values between sheets?

Thanks for the help.


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