Cross-file references


I was trying to use cross-references in gnumeric.

I have two files:


residing in the same directory.

I have some references from  a to b, and from b to a (but not cyclic).

I use the following syntax


the referencing and recalculating works as long as I have both workbooks open simultanously.

Then I save both, and close gnumeric (entirely but gracefully).

On reopening of any of the files (or even if both are given as command line params to the same isntance of gnumeric on startup) the references between workbooks are broken.

During loading I get errors like the following, seemingly for each cross-ref cell:

** (gnumeric:23117): WARNING **: Unparsable expression for D26: =[A.gnumeric]ass!M16

** (gnumeric:23117): WARNING **: XML-IO : Shared expression with no expression ??

and the cross-refs are turned into text fields (quoted fields). Needless to say this means that working with cross-references is impossible in gnumeric (only works until first quit). Is that really correct?

Or is my gnumeric version broken ? Or is there something I do wrongly ?

I use gnumeric 1.10.15  on Arch Linux with Gnome 3.

Thank you for helping,


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