multiple-precision in gnumeric utilising the Python mpmath library

Hi all,

some time ago I asked a question about a flaw in the Python 
extension/API under Linux but it seems to me I got no response. 
Meanwhile, I nevertheless have complied a tiny library of basic 
multiple-precision functions taken from the Python library mpmath. 
Though it was originally designed as a proof of concept of how to 
switch from the XLS-xNumbers combination to GNM plus some extension 
under Linux, it may be an inspiration to others. Here is the link to 
the corrsponding blog entry:

After having successfully installed all the files, it should be 
possible to work with an XLS-file containing calls to the extended 
precision functions of the FOSS XL-Add-in xNumbers in gnumeric that 
are supported by my tiny library, at least, it works on my PC...  the 
library will grow slowly but continuously.

Comments are welcome...


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