How to filter data with criteria J_min < J < J_max


I'm new to GnuMeric. I've searched but can't find the answer anywhere.

I have a set of rows with a column named 'J'. I want to apply a filter for
14.4 < J < 16.

Here's what I tried to do.
*Copied the heading row and pasted below the data set.
*In the cell below 'J', typed '>14.4', and in the cell below that, typed
*Chose 'Advanced Filter..' from the menu 'Data -> Filter', and entered the
data set as the 'List range', and entered the three cells under (and
including) the column 'J' pasted below the data set as the 'Criterea range'.
But I get all of the dataset as the filter result. It seems to me that
GnuMeric interprets my criterea as '(J > 14.4) OR (J < 16)'.
But what I want is '(J > 14.4) AND (J < 16)'. How do I do this?

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