Re: suggestions for sheet-graph

Le samedi 19 mars 2011 à 10:35 +0100, Frederic Parrenin a écrit :
Hi all,
> I feel that sheet-graphs are limited right now and I have a few suggestions for improving them:
> - define a page format

This already exists for a graph sheet: the graph size is evaluated according to the page setting. For other graphs, we might of course have a page settings, but they would not be wysiwyg.

> - allow multiple graphs on one page

Looks a bit difficult, but you can have several charts inside one graph, so this might make you happy, I hope.

> - allow resizing of the graphs

What do you mean there? Graphs can be resized.

> - allow sheet objects (line, rectangle, etc.)

Planned along with other things (data labels, equations,...) for next branch.


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