Accessing GUI inserted ranges within python console


I'd like to write some python plugin extensions for 
Passing Bablok regression methods.

I'm experiencing problems accessing the elements
of a range. Using the Range() methods from the console
I can set ranges and read them with get_tuple(), but
accessing ranges dynamically created through the
GUI (entering ranges within Gnumeric not through
the python console) react differently.
Such ranges do not give a
tuple with four elements; i get only two
elements and it is not clear of which type.

I really need a method to walk through ranges
and make some python calculation for every element.

The method described in the gnumeric documentation
(Gnumeric.functions['columns'] is probably
outdated and the function is not any more available.

Would be nice to have a refresh of the API documentation.
Looking at the py-gnumeric.c is not very
informative for me.




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