Saving a histogram plot


I am trying to draw a histogram based on the income distribution in
US. I can draw the picture I want, but the next time I open the file
the picture is blank. I am using Gnumeric 1.10.8 on Ubuntu 10.10.
Here are the steps that I perform:

The bins (intervals) are:

0 15000 25000 35000 50000 75000 100000 200000

and the percentages  are:

8.1 9.0 9.7 13.6 19.4 14.3 26.0

This means that 8.1 percent lie between 0 and 15000, and so on. I
select the first row, press Ctrl, and then select the second row. Then
I press the chart button and I select "Statistics" and from the
available options I select "Histogram". The graph is as it should be
(that is, scaled to take into account the fact that the intervals do
not have the same length). I save the file and exit gnumeric. The next
time I open it with Gnumeric, the picture is blank and if I
right-click and select properties, I do not see any histogram and data
in there. They vanished. I tried saving the file as a gnumeric file
and as xls. The same result. If I open the xls file with OpenOffice, I
can see a graph, only that it is incorrect (all the scaling is gone;
it is just a plain bar graph of the original percentages). But in
Gnumeric I don't see even this graph when I open it again.

Is this a (known) bug in Gnumeric? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,

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