Question about date computations

Hello.  New to gnumeric (using v. 1.10.12 on a WinXP system) and am stuck on how to accomplish a task.
I have a date field, and I want to generate another date field which is the result of adding 30 days to the first date field.  I thought it would be pretty easy, but nothing I try works.  I get a text field with my formula, rather than the computed result.  For example, if I have the date in cell H1, and I want to compute that date in cell H2, I type "H1+30" into H2, thinking I'll get the result I want.  All I get is "H1+30" in cell H2.
I've looked on the help screens to see if there's some function I should be using, but I can't find anything.
Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
Jeffrey Needle
jeff needle gmail com

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