architectural wisdom in plumbing with Gnumeric

I am working on modeling fertility scenarios in the context of economic development. The Futures Institute - - has developed and maintained a corpus of  demographic and family planning software which provides a basis on which to build economic speculations. Chief among their products is Spectrum - Those speculations will undergo constant revision and the people I am supporting are comfortable with spreadsheets.

Spectrum produces output files which can be parsed with awk and sed and imported into Gnumeric. I am currently importing this data manually. These output files are subject to frequent modification as well.

To this chain we add changing urges in presentation. Gnu charts will serve in the interim but ultimately the data will wind up on the web. Google charts are almost irresistible.

Thus the key to efficiency and responsiveness lies in the architecture of the plumbing. I am not unhappy about the prospects of an evolving architecture but if anyone has wisdom to share it would be gratefully appreciated.

Rev. Jim Tarvid, PCA
Galax, Virginia

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