Re: gnumeric plotting problem

Hi, pronab.

It is easy to add a second y axis. Create the graph and insert it into your spreadsheet. Next, right-click 
the graph and choose 'Properties'. In the tree in the little window at upper left, select Chart 1. Click on 
'Add' below this window, and you will see a choice 'Y Axis to Chart 1'. Choose this to add the second axis, 
then format the second y axis as you want it.

It is also easy to add Greek symbols to the axes. Once again, go to the Properties box. For example, select Y 
axis. Under 'Add', find 'Label to Y axis'. A dialog now opens with a 'Text:' window on the Data tab. You can 
type here any text you want, including Greek symbols.

I find that I cannot just copy and paste UTF-8 Greek letters from gucharmap into this window, as Gnumeric 
crashes. Instead, I first paste the UTF-8 characters into a text editor, then copy and paste them into the 
Gnumeric 'Text:' window.

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