Multiple modes

If I have a data with several different values having the same frequency is 
there a way to have Descriptive Statistics return each of these?  In this 
example I might want Gnumeric to tell me that both 2 and 6 are modes.  

Under the Statistics Tab of the Descriptive Statistics dialog it might be nice 
feature to have an option to select up to "N modes:"  The user could use a 
spinner to put in the integer number of modes to find.  Then starting at Row 5 
in the output sheet put N rows (1 for each mode).  This would keep the 2-
column format and so would also work if multiple columns of data were selected 
for their Descriptive Statistics.

A more complex approach would be to find up to N zero-crossings of 1st 
derivative of  kernel density estimates (Gaussian kernel??).  This would pick 
up sub-dominant modes as well as the dominant mode and you would still have 
predictable/consistent number of rows in the output.


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