Problem with Gnumeric Spreadsheet 1.10.14

Dear developers, I’m just an average computer user who decided to download the program as an alternative to MS Excel 2003. Gnumeric itself works 100% but I’ve encountered a problem as follows:-


1)     I’ve found that all the previous Excel worksheets saved in my docs have been converted to Gnumeric file format.


2)     This in itself is not a problem on my pc but when I wish to send an XLS workbook created in Excel 2003 as an email attachment, this defaults to Gnumeric XLS file. As I understand it, this would mean the recipient of the mail would have to have Gnumeric installed to be able to open the file?


3)     Is there a way for me to create Gnumeric files only for those spreadsheets created using the software and vice versa for MS Excel? Ie I wish to keep the formats separate from one another.


4)     I’ve tried uninstalling Gnumeric but when I do, the XLS files in My Docs still appear as Gnumeric flies irrespective of whether or not they are or were previously created as MS Excel files.


For your guidance I have the following installed:-


  • Windows XP
  • MS Office Professional Edition 2003


Many thanks for you kind assistance.




Chris Cox


Cell:    082 450 4772

Home: 021 797 1682

Fax:    0865 515 779

mailto:coxchris0 gmail com


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