Re: Gnumeric, vectorial drawings (and charts)


Le mercredi 10 août 2011 à 21:35 +0200, Jean Brefort a écrit :
The second would avoid to depend on librsvg, but I don't know if
Emmanuel will actively support it in the future, even in the near
future. Actually we might also consider importing the mathml code in

Why would you want to do that ?

Just a possibility if lasem went unmaintained, which might happen as it
is a one man project.

Sure it can happen. But by moving the mathml code in goffice, you will
take over the maintainership. Why no keep it in a standalone source
package ?

I think you highly underestimate  the difficulty of SVG rendering, shown
by the fact that all the modern web browsers fail to have a decent
coverage of the SVG 1.1 specification.

I don't underestimate anything. I know it would be a long term issue.

What I don't get is you have two existing projects, one of them having a
pretty good coverage of the SVG specification (librsvg) and a large user
base, and you would start a new project from scratch. What for ?


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