Re: Changfing coumn labels

Hey Joe,

Sounds like you want a "named range"

Select a range, eg by clicking on the "A" to select the entire column
click in the box at the top left just above the grid where it says "A1"
Delete that and type Si

now you can use "Si" as your address


will just work.


Go for the "Insert" drop down menu, and select "Name..."
Then fill in the details.

This is all much the same as Excel. Google "named ranges" to find out all the details.

All the best,

On 6/Aug/11 2:19 AM, Joseph Boesenberg wrote:


  Can anyone tell how (if possible) I can change the physical column names  (A, B, C) in Gnumeric so that when I write equations I can use the actual label instead of the default column name (which is really annoying and one of the reasons I don't like Excel). A 20 year old program I had called Axum could do this, but it is a 16 bit program.


I work with chemical data and it would be nice to be able to use the actual chemical element symbols (Si, Al, Fe) instead of the column labels.






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