Re:Segfault on "save as"

Got it working. Did apt-get install --reinstall on everything gtk2 I 
could find, that didn't help. Then did:

phil eeep:/usr$ set | grep gtk
phil eeep:/usr$ export GTK_MODULES=
phil eeep:/usr$ export LD_PRELOAD=
phil eeep:/usr$ export GTK2_RC_FILES=
phil eeep:/usr$ export GTK_RC_FILES=
phil eeep:/usr$ set | grep gtk
phil eeep:/usr$ gnumeric

and Gnumeric came up fine.

Narrowed it down to LD_PRELOAD - with some more digging, found a file:
which contains the single line:

The systems with a working Gnumeric don't have that "preload" file. So, I
renamed it to "preload_hold", logged out, logged back in, and it's all good.
I'll send a note to the Trinity (Kubuntu KDE3 project) to see if they know what
that preload's all about.

It may still be an issue with Gnumeric, since it doesn't work with this and Gimp does, but it may also be a problem with


Phil Salkie

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