Re:Segfault on "save as"

On 26 Apr, 2011 Eric Brackenbury said:

Go to the dot files and look for gnumeric,
if a dot gnumeric exists then rename it as 'gnumeric-old' and retry
after a fresh start.
This has worked in other instances for me an others.

No such luck - that was actually the first thing I looked for.

Interestingly, the "Save As" dialog box is different on the machine
that's having problems (makes me like having statically linked _everything_):

A working instance of Gnumeric on KDE3 has a "Save As" dialog box
which shows:

Select a file (title bar)

Name:   Book1

Save in folder:  phil (greyed out)

Browse for other folders

< phil                                  Create Folder

Places          Name                            Modified

Add     Remove                                  Spreadsheets

File type:   Gnumeric XML (*.gnumeric)

                                        Cancel  Save


Yet the dialog box on the problem machine shows:

Select a file (title bar)

Glyphs for Up, Back, Fwd, Reload, New Folder, and Wrench, address bar

Places on               List of files in the current directory
left with 
no heading

        Location: Book 1                        Save

        Filter:   All Supported Files           Cancel


Is this maybe something to do with themes?  How else could the two dialog
boxes be so different on the same installation of the same OS (both Kubuntu
Trinity Maverick Meerkat, both installed initially from the Ubuntu repos)?



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