Python Gnumeric: moving forward, creating gnumeric remote object

So I have spent alot of time developing for Gnumeric, and my project PyWorkbooks (which also includes Excel and should include Open Office and Google Spreadsheets soon) is comming along extremely well.

ALOT of time spent coding for Gnumeric has been extremely annoying.  This is because python processes started in Gnumeric have a tendency to break when you try anything... exotic.  Starting separate threads is one of those things, and makes it impossible for me to develop a work around (if i could start a separate thread I could do this all myself).

My Dream:
GOAL of Gnumeric python should be to allow ANY python process to interact with Gnumeric, better (or at least as easily) as python can interact with Excel.  If it is difficult for it to interact, so be it!  That is why I developed the wrapper class GnWorkbook. 

The solution:
All we need to do is have the internal python process in Gnumeric put itself up as a remote object.  If it did this, then it could be accessed via any open python process.  I am currently looking at Pyro as being the best option to accomplish this.

What I need:

I cannot find where you are starting the base python module.  Where is the source code for where python is implemented?  All we need to do is have it put out a remote pyro object and we would be DONE!  It would be as simple as that!  Who designed the python support for Gnumeric?

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